New Simulation Software

Hello! We are started this blog to inform you about simulation technology and discuss some questions around GIBBS simulator.

GIBBS is a comprehensive, all-in-one system for industrial process simulation and modeling. GIBBS is the comprehensive tool for thermodynamic modeling, tailored for various Oil, Gas, and Chemical industrial systems. Its completeness, ease of use, integration into your environment, and cost-effective licensing make it the ideal choice for a range of tasks, from planning the building and maintenance of industrial projects, to evaluating new modes of use and sufficiency of current resources, to training new operators. The core of GIBBSim has proved itself in over 20 years of usage, mostly in the oil and gas industry of Russia. Years of commercial use have confirmed its industrial strength and maturity, this also drove its constant enhancement.

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Update up to version !

Version is available now !

You can open the web page to download files and update your software. Please call us by email  for actual user name and password to download files.

The new version expands the reporting system. For multiflow heat exchangers it is possible to print inside temperature profiles for all flows.